SWAT 771 dares to dream, is unafraid to innovate, and always strives to inspire others through the opportunities presented through FIRST. 


We are one of the first, in a handful, of all girls’ FRC teams in the world and the first Canadian all girls’ team. Being the very first all-female team to be awarded the prestigious Regional Chairman’s Award through our accomplishments and gracious professionalism, we have proved that we are a leader and representative of the capabilities of young women in the STEM field.

Celebrating achievements of women in science and technology through FRCFIRST‘s program for high school students, our team consists of dedicated students from grades 8-12 who all contribute and play an active role on the robotics team.


SWATposium is SWAT’s annual robotics conference that brings together nearly 40 FRC teams from both Canada and the States for a day of guest speakers, workshops and social activities. Annually held in the fall, it helps prepare both veteran and rookie teams for the coming season. In past, we’ve had guest speakers including Karthik Kanagasabapathy (1114), Mark Breadner (FIRST Canada) and Chris Hadfield (Canadian Astronaut). Every year, well respected teams from everywhere run workshops for many topics and all skill levels. Additionally, this symposium is not just about FRC, we also have a variety of workshops about FLL, Jr. FLL and VEX. SWAT is proud to host this event every year and continually strives to make every year bigger and better than the last.

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