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Waterloo FRC Regional

SWAT began their competitive season of 2014 by attending the Waterloo FRC Regional from
March 20th to 22nd. Our girls were extremely excited to participate in and witness their first competition of the season.

SWAT got off to a great start on Day 1 of the event, passing through inspections faster than they ever had before. The momentum and success continued on Day 2 of the event, with SWAT receiving the Chrysler Team Spirit Award for not only demonstrating their spirit for FIRST locally, but also globally in countries such as Poland, Cambodia, and Kenya. Though Day 3 saw the end of the robots journey in qualification matches, the competition ended on a high note, as the team proudly watched their co-captain Laura become one of only two FIRST Dean’s List Finalists for the Waterloo Regional.

Overall, the Waterloo FRC Regional was a great start to SWAT’s 2014 season! We can’t wait to see what the next competition has in store!

Making A Difference on the Other Side of the World

SWAT has made their mark in Kenya! From March 9th – 16th, nine SWAT members and one SWAT mentor worked with the Mully Children’s Family in Ndalani, Kenya on a service project to construct a nursery home for the foundation.


Partnering with the children at MCF, our girls pick-axed, shoveled, and carried bags of soil to help dig out the four-feet deep foundation for the nursery.



During their stay at MCF, SWAT also donated the Lego they collected from their Kenya Lego Drive to the elementary school classrooms.

SWAT girls had a great time interacting with the kids at MCF! One of our members even decided to demonstrate and learn some skills by joining a couple of students in an unofficial Karate session!

Overall, the entire journey was a life-changing experience for our girls! SWAT had an amazing time giving back to the children at MCF, yet also taking in and learning from the optimism, hope, and commitment of the kids as well.

Kenya Lego Drive

Kenya Lego Drive (Oakville)

This month, SWAT will be hosting a KENYA LEGO DRIVE, collecting old, gently used or new pieces of Lego®.

This March break, eight of our SWAT girls will be traveling to Kenya to work with the Mully Children’s Family Charitable Foundation in Ndalani. With them, they will bring and donate all collected Lego® to the children.

All donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn’s office:
2318 Lakeshore Rd W #2
Oakville, ON
L6L 1H3
(905) 827-5141

Kickoff 2014

Kickoff is fast approaching… come celebrate this year’s kickoff with SWAT 771!

Kickoff 2014

SWATposium 13

SWATposium is back and better than ever with more workshops than we have ever had before! Don’t miss out on the experience. SWATposium 2013 is coming this October 5th!


2013 SWAT Season

Want to know what magic SWAT performed during the 2013 season? Check it out under “About FIRST -> FRC -> 2013 Season”

Championships ’13

The girls held their wrenches high after a magical experience at the World Championships in St. Louis. Be sure to stay tuned for pictures under our Photos page by going to “Media -> Photos”.

FIRST Championships ’13

After an amazing season, the girls of SWAT 771 proudly went on to their final competition of the year: FIRST Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. Our girls had an incredible time at championships talking to judges, meeting teams from all around the world, and competing with some of FRC’s best.

478072_584071094949969_1766096426_oOf course, who could forget decorating the pit of Team 610, “The Crescent Coyotes”, with pink flowers, feather boas, and balloons at night, and seeing their confused (and slightly shocked) reaction in the morning. Thankfully, the all boys team graciously commended and laughed at our prank, even using some of the decorations on their robot for a match.

Aside from this, our girls also continued to grow closer to one another and strengthened the team’s bond through games of Ninja under the Gateway Arch (something that has quickly become tradition), countless team dinners, and a spectacular visit to the St. Louis Science Center. Overall, championships has been an unforgettable experience and we hope to return next year!


Western Canadian FRC Regional

The final regional SWAT attended this year was the brand new Western Canadian FRC Regional. Before the regional began, SWAT took a trip with Team 1305, “Ice Cubed”, to Banff, Alberta, a place that is truly as beautiful as everyone says it is! At the regional, we were honoured to receive our second Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award of the year and were delighted to build connections with many of the teams.

One team in particular that touched the hearts of our members was Team 4625. After struggling through build season, Team 4625 had become a team of one man, Hermon, who had fought to make it to this regional and to keep the team alive. Unfortunately as a team of one, Hermon did not have enough members to make up a drive team. Inspired by his story, SWAT 771, along with “The RoboDawgs” (Teams 214, 244, and 288) and “Qwerty” (Team 3278), worked to help Herman through qualifying matches, and proudly watched as he made his way to the quarterfinals. Without a doubt, it is clear to see that this regional helped all our girls learn about the true meaning of FIRST.


Greater Toronto West Regional

The second regional SWAT attended during the 2013 season was the Greater Toronto West Regional (March 28-30). We are pleased and humbled that both individuals from our team as well as the team as a whole were recognized by the judges on both Friday and Saturday afternoons.

On Friday night we congratulated our mentor, Mrs. Sils, for receiving the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. The next day the journey ended for our robot in qualification matches. However, later on that afternoon one of our co-captains, Ankita Sharma, was selected as a FIRST Dean’s List Finalists for GTRW. We also took home our third Regional Chairman’s Award, which qualified us to go to the 2013 FIRST Championships in St. Louis! We had so much fun at the regional but we couldn’t have done it without the always amazing team of judges, volunteers and of course, our mentors and parents. We hope to see everyone again at the 2014 GTRW!



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