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SWATposium ’13

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FRC Agenda and Workshop Descriptions

FLL Agenda and Workshop Descriptions 




District Model
John Hobbins (FIRST Canada)

The 610 Workflow
Mr. Lim (610)

Parent Involvement
Susan Zammit-Milani (1241)

Running A Rookie Jr. FLL Team
Aileen Yu & Nicole Beltran (771)

Mentor Mingle
Nathan Chow (771)

Introduction Into VEX Robotics
Jash Javeri (1241)

Drive For Success
Feroz Balsara (1325)

Peggy Scott (Jr. FLL Canada)

The 7 Minute Robot Chassis
Andrew George, Ross Stewart, Cameron Swinoga, & Arun Kamalakanthan (1334)

Scouting Strategy
Nikil Deshpande, Gregory Reid, & Bradley Reid (781)

Programming in C++
Philipp Schrader (1503)

Writing A Winning Business Plan
Mehr Jain & Rahina Damji (771)

Rookie Tips
Arti Javeri (1241)

Test Tools For Motor and Pneumatic Subsystems
Sarah Kirke, Natalia Sydorenko, & Aimi Abe-Lafond (1310)

Vex in the Classroom
Sarah Sils (771)

Creating A Brand With Media
Rachel Cheng & Allison Kachala (771)

Creating A Student Driven Team
Roger Baech, Krysta Peralto, Cameron Brushett, & Michael (Spok) Szpakowicz (3161)

Sponsorship and Finance: The Bottom Line
Mehr Jain (771)

Outreach: Make It Loud
Ankita Sharma & Laura Lee (771)

How To Achieve Rookie-All Star: Designing ‘The Bot’ Rookie Style
FRC Team 4814

Typical LabView (and Electrical) Blunders
Kelvin Lin & Yoan Mastagarkov (4001)

From I to We: The Keys To Generating A Strong Team Culture
Clarisa Espinoze-Delgado, Rosanne Harrison, Simran Parwani, & MacKenzie Ferris

Taylor Paige (1503)

Team Administration
Kush Joshi & Alex Pagnan (781)

Parthiv Shah (1241)

Cable Management
Bilal Qadar & Arham Chohan (1325)

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