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SymposiumAgenda (FRC)

(Updated: 10/20/11)

FLLWorkshopsAgenda (FLL)

(Updated: 10/14/11)

WorkshopDescriptions (FRC + FLL)

(Updated: 10/20/11)

Workshop Signup (FRC + FLL)

The address for our school (as well as directions) can be found in contact us.

Workshop Downloads:

Closing speaker:

Chris Hadfield – Robotics Symposium (ppt)

Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) who was the first Canadian to walk in space. Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions, STS‐74 in 1995 and STS‐100 in 2001. He has served as CAPCOM for both Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) expeditions. He is currently training for a long duration stay onboard the ISS, which will include command of Expedition 35 in 2012–13. He will be the first Canadian to command the ISS. (bio courtesy of the Canadian Space Agency)


Advanced Concepts
This workshop focuses on the advanced capabilities of the NXT-G software.

Best Practices for Building
Experienced FLL Coach –  This session dives into universal attachments, strong structures and modular designs.

General Questions and Answers with FLL Director
Dave Ellis – This session gave teams the chance to ask questions about FLL.

The Light Sensor (ppt)
Covers how to program the light sensor to follow a line.

Open FLL Session
Sarah Sils – This was a discussion for mentors to share ideas on improving the more challenging aspects of team building.

Organizing your team (ppt)
Experienced FLL Coach – This session will cover questions about running an FLL team.

Rookie Basics
This workshop covers the basics of programming and strategy for those new to FLL.

Using What You’ve Got
This session focuses on how to improve game strategy and using walls and mission models to your advantage. 


7 steps to Robot Success with LabVIEW – Basic Level (Enable Training and Consulting, Inc.)
Matt Paterson and Patrick Allen – This session goes over the steps for programming in LabView to get your robot running.

A Basic Start to Wiring Your Robot (771)
Angelique Sturino – This hands-on session goes over basics such as stripping wires and making connections.

Animation: Tips to assist in the creation of an animation for FRC (Sheridan College)
Avrim Katzman – This workshop provides a how-to on how to create an Animation in Autodesk.

Basic ‐ Programming your robot in C++ (1503) (pdf)
Phillip Schrader – This workshop allows participants to learns and try programming in C++.

Best Battery Practices (781) (pdf)
Michelle LaPointe – This session covers how to best care for your batteries to keep them running for years to come.

Bringing Your Robot to Life: Sim Style (MapleSoft) (pdf)
Bonnie Yue – This presentation covers how to simulate your robot design and the advantages on simulating your robot.

Computer Aided Design – CAD (610) (pptx)
Rob Stehlik – This covers how to use technology to design and build your robot on your computer.

Effective Strategies for FIRST Competitions (1114) (pdf)
Karthik Kanagasbapathy – This deals with the strategies a team can utilize while designing a robot, competition, scouting, and much more.

Electrical and Programming Tips and Tricks (610) (pptx)
Shawn Lim –  This gives participants tips and tricks about electrical components to help get a better robot performance.

FIRST: The Key to Young Women exploring STEM (3504) (pptx)
Jaden Barney, Rachel Round and Elizabeth Kysel –  This session covers the importance of women in science, technology, engineering and math.

Junior FIRST Lego League: Tips to starting your own team (771)
Eryn Dickison and Aileen Yu –  This workshop goes over tips on starting a Jr. FLL team.

Mechanical Design (1114) (pdf)
Ben Bennet –  This presentation deals with the basics of drivetrain design and how to get the most out of the basic kit of parts.

Mentor Mingle ‐ Time to share ideas on how to make this season the best ever (771)
Sarah Sils – This session was for mentors to share ideas on how to make this the best season ever.

Outreach Tips: How your team can maximize community initiatives (1334)
Laura Renton, Kate Rozumey, Sundas Aleem and Natalie Wainewright – This session covers how to reach out into the community and spread the word of FIRST.

Social Media (771) (ppt)
Karen Lee – This workshop covers how to effectively utilize social media to better market your team and spread the message of FIRST.

Team Leader Discussion (771)
Meghan Holloway – This session gave team leaders a chance to get together and share and learn how to enhance their team.

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