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FIRST World Championships

SWAT had an unbelievable time at this year’s World Championships! We were incredibly honoured to be awarded the Engineering Inspiration Award for the Carver-Curie division and could not be more grateful to everyone who made our experience at champs amazing!


A New Challenge, A New Bot

Build season has officially started! Let the brainstorming and prototyping begin!

SWATposium Success!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and helped make SWATposium ’14 a  success! To view the photos from this year’s event, go to Media -> Photos.

The 2015 Theme is Unveiled!

SWAT has officially unveiled its 2015 theme… and this year’s theme is… The Artist!

Greater Pittsburgh Regional

From March 27-29th, SWAT attended the Greater Pittsburgh Regional at the California University of Pennsylvania; the girls were extremely excited to be going out of the country for their second regional of the 2014 competitive season. SWAT got off to a great start on Day 1, unloading their robot and passing inspection in record time; they worked hard to upgrade and finalize the shooter and intake functions, and used their problem solving skills to tackle all obstacles that stood in their way.1017037_703551396354501_2989350928888363674_nThe momentum and success continued on Day 2 of the event, with SWAT receiving the Chrysler Team Spirit Award and the girls managing to finalize their catapult design, shooting consistently and accurately into the high goal. By Day 3, Mildred XIII had an accurate high goal autonomous and a high-performance shooter and intake. SWAT was selected to be part of the 2nd seed alliance, and fought hard to earn themselves a place in the semifinals, where they were knocked out by the alliance that went on to win the event.

10312606_703551039687870_7079929799317722569_nDespite this defeat, all was not yet lost for SWAT at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional. At the end of the event, SWAT was honored to receive the Regional Chairman’s award, allowing them to proceed to World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. 10277463_703551603021147_5865908705589114730_n

Waterloo FRC Regional

SWAT began their competitive season of 2014 by attending the Waterloo FRC Regional from
March 20th to 22nd. Our girls were extremely excited to participate in and witness their first competition of the season.

10329156_701866889856285_5697003588873829987_nSWAT got off to a great start on Day 1 of the event, passing through inspections faster than they ever had before. The momentum and success continued on Day 2 of the event, with SWAT receiving the Chrysler Team Spirit Award for not only demonstrating their spirit for FIRST locally, but also globally in countries such as Poland, Cambodia, and Kenya.

10330373_701866996522941_4725315019989136851_nThough Day 3 saw the end of the robots journey in qualification matches, the competition ended on a high note, as the team proudly watched their co-captain Laura become one of only two FIRST Dean’s List Finalists for the Waterloo Regional.

Overall, the Waterloo FRC Regional was a great start to SWAT’s 2014 season! We can’t wait to see what the next competition has in store!

Making a Difference on the Other Side of the World

SWAT has made their mark in Kenya! From March 9th – 16th, nine SWAT members and one SWAT mentor worked with the Mully Children’s Family in Ndalani, Kenya on a service project to construct a nursery home for the foundation.

Countdown to Kickoff

Excited for FRC Kickoff 2014? Why not come celebrate it with SWAT 771? Watch the live feed, meet with your team, and brainstorm with others! Let the countdown to kickoff begin!

2013 SWAT Season

Want to know what magic SWAT performed during the 2013 season? Check it out under “About FIRST -> FRC -> 2013 Season”

Championships ’13

The girls held their wrenches high after a magical experience at the World Championships in St. Louis. Be sure to stay tuned for pictures under our Photos page by going to “Media -> Photos”.