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FRC Championships 2014

This year, SWAT had the opportunity to attend the FIRST Championships in St. Louis for their fourth year in a row. 10336590_705649009478073_8105228474699470185_nThe girls were extremely excited to enjoy some of St. Louis’s local attractions (such as the St. Louis Zoo and the St. Louis mall) before making their way to competition, but soon, it was back to work for our Girls with Wrenches.

SWAT was on the Galileo division with a few other Canadian teams. As always, the competition was full of excitement and action, as the girls worked hard to design and build a new intake arm – with some modifications to improve the previous model.
1510643_705648649478109_8360661492644032091_nThough they were faced with many tough matches throughout the competition, the girls definitely had a great time playing against some of the world’s best! SWAT also had a fantastic time at the 2014 RoboProm and of course, the FIRST Finale. Overall, Championships was a great way to end the 2014 competition season and our Girls With Wrenches are looking forward towards a summer full of outreach.10336803_705648032811504_4586941317812923104_n

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