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Making A Difference on the Other Side of the World

SWAT has made their mark in Kenya! From March 9th – 16th, nine SWAT members and one SWAT mentor worked with the Mully Children’s Family in Ndalani, Kenya on a service project to construct a nursery home for the foundation.


Partnering with the children at MCF, our girls pick-axed, shoveled, and carried bags of soil to help dig out the four-feet deep foundation for the nursery.



During their stay at MCF, SWAT also donated the Lego they collected from their Kenya Lego Drive to the elementary school classrooms.

SWAT girls had a great time interacting with the kids at MCF! One of our members even decided to demonstrate and learn some skills by joining a couple of students in an unofficial Karate session!

Overall, the entire journey was a life-changing experience for our girls! SWAT had an amazing time giving back to the children at MCF, yet also taking in and learning from the optimism, hope, and commitment of the kids as well.

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