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FIRST Championships ’13

After an amazing season, the girls of SWAT 771 proudly went on to their final competition of the year: FIRST Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. Our girls had an incredible time at championships talking to judges, meeting teams from all around the world, and competing with some of FRC’s best.

478072_584071094949969_1766096426_oOf course, who could forget decorating the pit of Team 610, “The Crescent Coyotes”, with pink flowers, feather boas, and balloons at night, and seeing their confused (and slightly shocked) reaction in the morning. Thankfully, the all boys team graciously commended and laughed at our prank, even using some of the decorations on their robot for a match.

Aside from this, our girls also continued to grow closer to one another and strengthened the team’s bond through games of Ninja under the Gateway Arch (something that has quickly become tradition), countless team dinners, and a spectacular visit to the St. Louis Science Center. Overall, championships has been an unforgettable experience and we hope to return next year!


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