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Western Canadian FRC Regional

The final regional SWAT attended this year was the brand new Western Canadian FRC Regional. Before the regional began, SWAT took a trip with Team 1305, “Ice Cubed”, to Banff, Alberta, a place that is truly as beautiful as everyone says it is! At the regional, we were honoured to receive our second Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award of the year and were delighted to build connections with many of the teams.

One team in particular that touched the hearts of our members was Team 4625. After struggling through build season, Team 4625 had become a team of one man, Hermon, who had fought to make it to this regional and to keep the team alive. Unfortunately as a team of one, Hermon did not have enough members to make up a drive team. Inspired by his story, SWAT 771, along with “The RoboDawgs” (Teams 214, 244, and 288) and “Qwerty” (Team 3278), worked to help Herman through qualifying matches, and proudly watched as he made his way to the quarterfinals. Without a doubt, it is clear to see that this regional helped all our girls learn about the true meaning of FIRST.


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