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Peg Attack ’12 Ultimate Superhero

Congratulations to Lauren and Mr. Tan who proved themselves to be the Ultimate Superhero(s) of Peg Attack ’12!

Lauren photographed with the Master Peg trophy 


Peg Attack Article in the Hemline

The Hemline (school newspaper) wrote an article about Peg Attack:


The air is tense; people are overly alert, eyes moving quickly in all directions, shrieks and laughter surround you. What have you stepped into? As you walk through the halls of Saint Mildred’s this February, not a moment will pass where you don’t sense excitement around you.

From February until March Break, staff and students at Saint Mildred’s are participating in the annual Peg Attack fundraiser. Robotics executive Laura Lee describes this fast-paced adventure, run by the SMLS FIRST Robotics team, SWAT711, as “a high-energy game of tag”.

A simple concept allows for staff and students alike, to actively engage in, and enjoy this game. During the last week of January, wooden clothespins (pegs) were sold for $3 each. Each peg has the name and grade of another participant written on it. Participants had their picture taken. All the pictures were then posted with the participants name on a main wall. If a person paid $5 instead of $3, their picture was granted anonymity from the wall. This results in other people not being able to immediately discover who you are.

Each “heroes” objective is to try and clip the person whose name is on their peg.  If they succeed, this person is out. The person who pegged them then takes the peg of the person who is out. This person now has a new target. During this however, one must ensure you do not get pegged yourself. The object of this intense game is to attempt to peg enough people so that you finally receive the peg with your name on it. This indicates that you are “the last hero standing.”

Played by over half the senior school, this game allows for a lot of fun, in the time between classes. Although classrooms and the SRC are “No Peg Zones”, all participants are in the game when in most other places in the school.

One point of immense stress and excitement is the lunchroom. Another such place is the corridors. One participant, Taylor Richardson, describes the experience. She says, “ Its an exhilarating feeling, it becomes almost like warfare. Where players part in the corridors, and exchange that mutual look that says ‘Game on.’ I love participating in this!”

If you did not have the opportunity to participate in this year’s game of Peg Attack, have no fear! It will be presented by SWAT711, once again next year!